As Emenes Consultancy believe in offering a holistic service we are providing an ever expanding array of services and products to make your financial world go round. In our strive to give only the best possible service to our clients we further believe to make use of experts in every field.

By analysing each clients personal financial circumstances and aligning them with his/her financial goals through a customised combination of products and services we form a partnership with each client on the road to financial success and freedom.

Our products include:

  • Financial Restructuring

  • Local and International Investment Information

  • Life Insurance

  • Short-term Insurance

  • Medical Aid Cover

  • Insurance Claims

  • Financial Needs Analysis

  • Business Insurance and Buy & Sell Agreements

  • Pension Funds and Group Schemes

  • Estate Planning

  • Local & International Property Advice and Service

Although the above mentioned list of services are extensive we attempt to cater for each clients individual needs and consequently will source the best possible service provider on his/her behalf should it not be available through us.

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