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 Dawn of a Unique Service


Emenes Consultancy came into being in 2006 after the need became apparent for a provider of information to clients on the financial front that was un-bias and not associated with any financial product provider. The combined experience of over 50 years of our highly efficient staff as well as partners places Emenes Consultancy in the unique position of not only fulfilling this need but also are we able to assist clients in implementing their financial decisions through individually focused and highly personalized financial plans. Our continuous relationships with clients as well as the ability to adjust with changes in personal as well as economical circumstances are factors that are part of our philosophy in assisting in the achievement of financial freedom of all our clients.
As a client the dedicated service of your Personal Portfolio Manager as well as Analyst is available on a continuous basis. This personal financial team ensures that any relevant changes in your lifestyle as well as changes in risk criteria gets implemented in order to ensure an up to date financial portfolio. As Emenes Consultancy is built on the strong, long term relationships with our clients, our Portfolio Managers further personally keep contact with every client on a regular basis. This keeps you, as a client, in an informed position about the current status of your portfolio in order to be able to make any adjustments that you might deem necessary.

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Giving clients non-bias financial information and advice on the local and international market, finance, economic indicators, interest rates, investment, property, short term, medical and life or long term insurance, personal budget and debt consolidation, through analysis and comparison by an analyst, broker or advisor in order to make their money work better for them. Major productand service providers include Momentum, Old Mutual, Liberty, Sanlam, PPS, Manage All, EFS, WMedia and various banks